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Student Transit Pass Pilot

The Student Transit Pass Pilot is a three-year program sponsored by the Alameda County Transportation Commission, and funded by Measure BB, a countywide sales tax measure.  The Pilot's purpose is to make it easier to travel to and from school and school-related programs, jobs, and other activities, expanding transportation options for Alameda County's middle and high school students.


Del Valle High School is one of fifteen schools in Alameda County that are participating in this program during the 2017/2018 school year.  If you are a full time student enrolled at Del Valle for this year, you are eligible to receive a Student Transit Pass as part of this program.  The Student Transit Pass is a Clipper Card that provides unlimited access to LAVTA/Wheels bus services.  It is free.


If you are interested in receiving a Pass, you must fill out a registration/consent form available in the office.  Students under 18 must have the signature of a parent or legal guardian.

Del Valle Graduates 2017

Del Valle Graduates 2017

Debuting the Del Valle Photo Class

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Safe Routes to School

Please help the Alameda SR2S program bring more effective biking and walking safety programming to your student's school by taking this brief parent survey at (English) or (Spanish)  Your participation in this confidential survey helps the program better understand challenges and barriers to walking or biking to school.  Thank you.

Welcome to Del Valle High School a California Model Continuation High School

Welcome to Del Valle High School.

Housed in the historic ‘Fifth Street Elementary School’ building built in 1876 near downtown Livermore, Del Valle High School is the continuation high school that serves the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District.  The school has occupied the building since the late 1960s and is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Each Del Valle High School student will graduate with the skills needed to contribute and thrive in a changing world.

We enroll up to 180 students in grades 10-12; all students must be at least 16 years old to attend continuation high school. We offer state standards based core curriculum classes in Math, Science, Social Sciences and English and electives that include Digital Photography, Physical Education, Computer Applications, Work Experience Education, Art and Culinary Arts.  The 2017-2018 school year will be the fifth year of our highly successful Culinary Academy.  

Additional supports are available to students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and English Learners that have scored at least intermediate on the most current California English Language Development Test (CELDT).  We also have several long standing partnerships with community agencies like AXIS, Horizons and the Hume Center that help us to meet the socio-emotional needs of our students.

We pride ourselves on providing an individualized, small learning environment that supports students to become responsible and capable workers, active community members, resilient individuals, effective communicators and capable thinkers.  



New Student Information

If you are new to Del Valle, there is a mandatory orientation meeting that a parent/guardian and student must attend.  We are located at 2253 Fifth Street in Livermore.  Please call us to set up an appointment time to meet with one of the administrators.  We can be reached at (925) 606-4709.  You cannot begin classes until you have met with the administration.

The main office hours are 8:00AM to 4:00PM.  If you are new to the district and come from a continuation school, please come in to begin the registration process.  If you are coming to us from a comprehensive high school or independent study program, you need to begin the registration process at your home school (Livermore or Granada High School) or the independent study program (Vineyard).  Documents needed to enroll include the following:



 Documents for enrollment Category 

Bring one document (original and copy) from each of the four categories below 

Proof of Birth Date 


▪ Birth Certificate 

▪ Statement by local registrar or county recorder certifying date of birth 

▪ Baptismal record duly attested 

▪ Passport 


Parent/Guardian Picture ID 


▪ Driver's License 

▪ California Issued ID 

▪ Passport 


Proof of Residence 

(one from the list on the right) 


▪ Current mortgage statement (escrow papers that show close of sale no later than seven (7) days after the student’s first day of school) 

▪ Grant Deed 

▪ Property Tax Bill 

▪ Lease/Rental Agreement including property address, name of occupants, signatures of both parties and two months of canceled checks 

▪ Bank transfer records with the current school year 


Proof of Residence 

(one from the list on the right) 


▪ Current PG&E bill with name and address listed 

▪ Current garbage bill with name and address listed 

▪ Current cable bill with name and address listed 

▪ Current water bill with name and address listed 


Proof of Immunizations - Please bring original and a copy of the most current immunization record signed or stamped by a doctor. 

 If you have questions regarding enrolling your student, you can call us at Del Valle at (925) 606-4709 or student services at (925) 606-3207.  You can also check the school district website at and click on the New Student TK/K-12 Enrollment tab.

Affordable Care Act Information


Do you need health coverage?

What ACA means for you.  The Affordable Care Act will affect different people in different ways. Axis Community Health’s Certified Enrollment Specialists are available to answer questions about your specific situation and how to get coverage.

Health exchange.  We can help you enroll through the new healthcare exchange and determine if you are eligible for subsidies to help pay for your insurance coverage.

Call to schedule an appointment with Enrollment Services


Medi-Cal.  We can help you enroll for coverage through Medi-Cal. U.S. citizens or those legally present with an income less than about

$15,400 for an individual or $32,000 for a family of four may qualify for Medi-Cal.

Enrollment began October 1 and continues until March 31 for people seeking insurance through the health exchange. Depending when you enroll, coverage can start as early as January 1.  For people who now qualify for Medi-Cal, enrollment also began on October 1 and will be ongoing.


Que significa para usted ACA. La Ley del Cuidado de Salud Accesible afectara a personas en diferentes maneras. Especialistas certifica- das en inscripción de Axis Community Health están disponibles para contestar sus preguntas acerca de su situación específica y como obtener cobertura médica.

Mercado de los Seguros Médicos. Podemos ayudarle a inscribirse a través del Mercado de los Seguros Médicos y determinar si usted es elegible para los subsidios que ayudaran a pagar su cobertura de seguro medico.

Llame para hacer una cita con Servicios de Inscripción


Medi-Cal. Podemos ayudarle a inscribirse para cobertura através de Medi-Cal. Estadounidenses o residentes aquí legalmente con ingresos menos de $15,400 para una persona o

$32,000 para una familia de cuatro personas es posible que puedan calificar.

Inscripciones empezaron el 1 de Octubre y continuaran hasta el 31 de Marzo para aquellas personas que buscan seguro a través del Mercado de los Seguros Médicos. Dependiendo en cuando se inscriba, su cobertura puede tomar efecto el 1 de Enero para aquellos que ahorita califican para Medi-Cal, inscripciones también empezaron el 1 de Octubre y estarán en proceso.


Attendance Information

Dear Parents/Guardians:

In an effort to stress the importance of daily school attendance to your child’s success, we are sending this letter as a reminder of California Education Law 48200 that requires compulsory daily attendance for students 6 -18 years of age.  Parents/guardians who choose to enroll their children in Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten are subject to this Education Code Law as well.

The Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) is committed to ensuring academic excellence for all of our students.  Maximizing our student’s achievement must begin with daily school attendance and we feel with everyone working together we can create that success.  It is vital for the LVJUSD to build a shared value of education by maintaining an essential partnership between school and home that begins with daily attendance.  If your child is absent, California Education Code allows EXCUSED absence for the following:

  1. Illness
  2. Medical, dental, eye appointments (please try to schedule these appointments before or after school)
  3. Quarantine (as determined by a medical professional)
  4. Funeral services for immediate family members
  5. Court ordered appearance (filed and signed)

The parent/guardian of the student must send a note and/or phone the school to clear any of the above listed excused absences.  Failure to excuse the absence will result in a recorded truancy on the student’s permanent record.  Please remember all absences and tardies must be cleared within 72 hours of the occurrence.

Another way to support your child’s daily attendance is by reviewing the school district calendar and plan family vacations to coincide with school breaks.  Parent notification to the school of a student’s absence for an unexcused reason will result in the loss of instructional time, and parents will be notified of truancy violations as determined by California Education Code 48200.  Examples of reasons that are NOT EXCUSED are:

Vacations, Student’s birthday, Visiting relatives, Car trouble, Childcare by student at home, Shopping, Oversleeping and Family moving from one home to another

School staff may request your attendance at a conference when your child is absent from school for reasons that are not excused.  The District sends notification to parents/guardians of students who accumulate three or more days of unexcused absences and/or tardies or an excessive number of excused absences.  These notifications inform the family of truancy or irregular attendance, which become part of the student’s permanent school record according to California Education Codes 48260 and 48263.6.

Please review this attendance information with your child and take the necessary measures to ensure your child’s success.  We appreciate your assistance in making school attendance a priority.

Thank you for your support,

Scott Vernoy

Scott Vernoy

Director of Student Services

Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District

Safe Schools Alert

Safety is one of our District's top priorities and to help safeguard our school community, we have taken an important step that I want to share with you.

The Livermore Valley joint Unified School District is now using SafeSchools Alert, a tip reporting service that allows students, staff, and parents to submit safety concerns to our administration four different ways:

1.  Phone:  1-855-4ALERT, ext.1180

2.  Text:  Text #1180 @tip+your tip to ALERT1or253781

3.  Email:

4:  Web:

You and your child can easily report tips on bullying, harassment, drugs, vandalism or any safety issue you are concerned about through SafeSchools Alert. When you submit a tip, be sure to use our District's identification code: 1180 in your communication.

Every tip SafeSchools Alert receives about our District is immediately logged in the system and our administration is notified so that they can investigate and take appropriate action. A nice function of the program allows tips to be submitted anonymously, if you prefer.

Together, using SafeSchools Alert, we can make our District a safer place to work and learn! Thanks in advance for your support.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Scott Vernoy at 925-606-3207

Livermore American Indian Center

The Livermore American Indian Center , serving students of American Indian/Alaskan Native heritage in Livermore Valley and Castro Valley public schools, is searching for students of American Indian/Alaskan Native heritage who are age 4 through grade 12.  When these students are identified and signed up for the Title VII Program, they are eligible for free services including weekly cultural class, tutoring, field trips, scholarships, summer day camp, and parent-sponsored monthly business meetings.

For further information contact The Livermore American Indian Center at (925) 606-4748 ext 3 or email:


Today: 8/18/17

All Kids Are Our Kids

The Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District affirms its unwavering commitment to support all students. The District mission - Each student will graduate with the skills needed to contribute and thrive in a changing world - is a promise to each student in our District.


Read the affirmation, All Kids Are Our Kids: Affirmation of a Safe, Supportive, and Respectful School District  (Spanish version)


Read the FAQs about Equal Access and Student Safety  (Spanish version)

Livermore Police Chief's letter to the community on local immigration policy  (Spanish version)